Welcome to Harbor!

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We're so glad you joined! 

Seriously! You've taken the next step in learning how to better understand, love, and communicate with your LGBT child.

So What Happens Next?

We're glad you asked! Our next Harbor class officially kicks off on Monday, August 19th. We're excited!

Here are the VERY important details (please read til the end)...

  • On August 19th, I’ll send you a link to the Workshop. You’ll be able to watch it at your convenience from any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has internet access.

    • You’ll want to have a pen & paper handy for note-taking. There's going to be lots of rich and practical content during the workshop that you won't want to miss. And as you're listening, write down any questions that come to mind. We'll be discussing those inside the Harbor Community.

    • But if you can't take notes, no sweat! We'll be sending out Content Summary Sheets of all the videos. That will give you a chance to revisit the content and concepts presented.

  • Around that same time, you’ll also receive instructions on how to join our Harbor Community group on Facebook. We already have several hundred Harbor parents in the group, and they’re excited for this next group of parents to join us!

NOW…We’ve got plenty of stuff for you to discover from now until Harbor kicks off!

You can access your BBP+ membership at the BBP+ website (password: soycd19).

There you’ll find four different ebooks and five different videos (one video specifically for parents). I strongly encourage you to work through as much of this content as possible before Harbor kicks off as it will lay a great foundation for all that we’ll be talking about.

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Bottom Line: There’s nothing for you to worry about until August 19th. We will email you with any relevant updates from now till then.

You’re going to love all that Harbor has to offer you. We’ve truly seen it transform the relationships that parents have with their LGBT children.

Okay! I think that's all for now. Again, I'm so honored you've chosen to join Harbor. God is FOR you and so am I. There's lots of exciting stuff ahead.

— B.T., Creator of Harbor & Blue Babies Pink

P.S — If you have any questions between now and then, email me at harborparents@gmail.com.